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Offices for Tax Preparation and Bookkeep

Offices for Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Services

Get help with our certified professionals

With more than 35 years of professional experience, we are ready to answer all your questions and ease your concerns.

With three locations to serve you we are prepared to help you in your personal and business needs!


Income Tax

From Personal to Corporation taxes, we do it all.



We help file the necessary licenses for the start of your business, and help maintain the organizing of your accounting creating a Profit & Loss for the fiscal year that you can use to report your income taxes.



Being Immigration consultants and not lawyers, we can help fill out the immigration forms that you may need.



 In legal documents: Birth Certificates, Divorce certificates, Death Certificates, school certificates, Medical Certificates, Marriage Certificates, 

Serving our community with pride since 1987

About us


Attending our clients since 1987, we have built the experience to help our communities in the Bay Area.


Having our professional teams which you can count on with our experience to help Students, Renters, Home owners, Businesses, and corporations.

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