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Payroll Service

Payroll Services helps keep you in regulation with Federal & State legislation.

Our Payroll Service is made easily for you to work with and we always work on a 1 on 1 basis to build a
professional relation to make it easier for us to work with you directly.

Save time and money today.

Office Desk

Our Service Includes:


  •  Printing Checks for you to pay your Employees.

  •  Checks/Direct deposit by job number.

  •  Direct deposit to pay your employees.

  •  Monthly Federal & State Payments for employees.

  •  Quarterly Reports (941, De-9, De-9c).

  •  Yearly Reports (W-2’s, W-3, 940).

  •  Fill out business related forms from IRS or EDD.

  •  Open all year for questions.

Did you know, the Payroll you pay to your employees is a tax deduction and certain company
contributions are also Tax Deductible for your Business Tax Return?

Appointment Payroll

If you are ready to save time and money, make an appointment today for more information from an office near you!

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